Sometimes, life as an author feels a lot like standing at the center of a three-ring circus, trying to keep an eye on every act and hoping none of the performers take a tumble. That’s right where I find myself now: knee-deep in three exciting projects that I hope will captivate your imagination from start to finish!

During a recent newsletter, I sent out a survey to help me understand where your interests lay. The question was simple: should I embark on a new project or dive back into the worlds of my Moonshifter Academy and the Last Planet series to pen their sequels? With the votes tallied, the verdict was clear – or rather, intriguingly divided. The split was so even that it felt as if the universe had nudged me in both directions. So, here I am, taking the plunge and committing to completing all three projects by the year’s end.

Yes, you read that right! Three projects in just a few months. The mathematicians among you will quickly realize that this translates to a significant uptick in my daily word count and a boost in productivity. Challenge accepted! And I’m blogging about it here to keep it real.

Now, while I’m equally passionate about all my projects, I want to give you a sneak peek into my brand new book. Meet Isolde – or “Izzy” as she’s affectionately called. She’s not your average protagonist. Izzy is a young half-leprauchaun. Now, I know what you’re thinking – leprechauns? Those mythical green-clad, gold-loving creatures that pop up around St. Patrick’s Day? But here’s where it gets interesting. In popular lore, leprechauns have often been sidelined, never truly getting their due. It’s high time that changes, and with my new book, I’m determined to give these magical beings their rightful spotlight.

What can you expect from Izzy’s story? Think of a gritty urban fantasy mystery with plenty of magic, romance and a touch of mayhem (gotta have a bit of mayhem, right?). If you’re a fan of the Jim Butcher Series, you’re in for a treat. Izzy’s tale draws inspiration from that ambiance, combining magical intrigue with the raw pulse of city life. And here’s another twist: while this book is the beginning of a series, it isn’t going to be a consecutive one. Each installment will be a standalone narrative, allowing you to dive into any book without the pressure of catching up on previous books.

My goal has always been to immerse you in worlds that captivate and characters that resonate. Izzy’s tale is no different. Through her journey, I hope to add a new dimension to the folklore of leprechauns, painting a vivid picture that’s both magical and deeply human.

To sum it up, the coming months are set to be a whirlwind of creativity and storytelling. With three projects underway, you can look forward to adventures that span different realms and emotions. Your unwavering support has always been my guiding light, and I promise to pour my heart and soul into each word I pen.

Stay tuned for more updates, teasers, and of course, the eventual book launches.