Two teens, Jacob and Lucas, wake up alone on the star-ship Calypso. They retain mere fragments of memories. TOM, the ship’s beat-up android, informs them that their mission is of vital importance. The problem? TOM does not recall what their mission entails.

 The young men find evidence of brutality concealed in a restricted sector of the star-ship. Meanwhile, Jacob’s romantic attraction to Lucas becomes overwhelming. TOM is determined to thwart Jacob’s amorous impulses and prevent further exploration of the Calypso. Jacob hacks TOM to learn the truth. But it all goes wrong, and the ship is damaged.

 They crash on a storm-ravaged planet called Sian. Jacob and Lucas struggle to survive in a world inhabited by fearsome beasts amid a rebellion against a ruthless despot. To escape, Jacob must unravel his strange past and the sinister reason TOM will stop at nothing to crush their budding love.