A sixteen-year-old shifter who is the last of her kind. A school for magical creatures on the brink of catastrophe. Learn who to trust fast or it’s extinction, baby.

Her entire life, Kat dreamt of studying at Moon Shifter Academy. Finally, she’ll be able to ditch Diurnal—the drug that keeps her stuck in boring human form—and harness her bad-ass wolf-shifter self.

Against her parents’ advice, she heads to New York City before school starts and moves in with Eddie, a cute boy she met upstate. First summer love fast becomes first summer heartbreak and then, just before school starts, Kat’s parents are murdered. If she’d listened to them and stayed put, they might still be alive. Guilt and regret hound her. Nothing to do but throw herself into her studies and somehow make ’em proud, right? Wrong.

School is a total bust. The principal’s single-minded goal is to protect the students from their sworn enemies, blood mages. With her Mom gone, Kat learns that she is the last female shifter in the wolf line. Now the blood mage who killed her parents wants Kat dead too. But not if she can kill him first.