Hi, thanks for visiting my author site! I write fiction under the name M.S. Kaminsky to keep a layer of mystery (I prefer not to know the gender of authors I read). But since you’ve gone to the trouble of visiting my ‘About’ page…my full name is Michael Sean (although most friends call me Sean). I write YA and new adult suspense thrillers with twists of fantasy, mystery and fabulism. My aim is to give readers the suspense and surprises I got reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, the strong characters and action of The Hunger Games and the mystery and paranormal thrills of Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of The Lane. (hey, why not aim high, right?)

My most recent release, The Mermaid Curse Series is a paranormal suspense thriller that spans generations of women. Alabaster Island is the prequel to the series followed by Book One, The Atlantis Twins which is forthcoming. Please read the books in any order you fancy. I live and work in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Gerry Beekman. Please stop reading here unless you’d like to read a few further thoughts on writing.

For me writing feels like an excavation. I coax out forgotten experiences, dreams, imaginings and whatever else might lurk and surprise and try create something cool out of them. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Many years back, I volunteered on an archaeological dig in Scotland. We excavated a medieval church with an even older church beneath. Indiana Jones it was not. It was stupendously boring; like dusting the world’s dirtiest room with an extra-soft toothbrush. My mind wandered constantly. I imagined the people who had walked those church grounds and a short story arose from that. Writing often happens that way for me: brushing away tedious mind dust to uncover the glittering, dancing gems of ideas hidden beneath. At least on the good days.

Sometimes it’s the emotion of an event that sticks with me. I will never forget snorkeling above chirping dolphins off the coast of Maui. I kicked as hard as I could to keep up with them as I swam further and further from the dive boat. Then I noticed that my dolphin pals weren’t frolicking, they were fleeing. Seconds later, I saw it: a giant shark swam directly beneath me. I yanked my face out of the water. Everyone else had escaped back to the boat. “Shark! Come back! Come back!” our divemaster shouted. It was the longest swim of my life. But I still have my limbs intact and this ended up inspiring a scene in ‘The Atlantis Twins’.

You took the time to read all the way to the end of my biography…it’s a busy world out there – thank you. Is there anything else you’d like to know? I’m here. Just ask.