Enchantresses, curses, and magical mayhem—this year’s witchy fiction delivers in spades. Let’s dive broom-first into the latest tales of potions, hexes, and love triangles.

A Ruinous Fate by Kaylie Smith is one bewitching tale that will leave you gripping your armchair. Calliope Rosewood, a witch cursed with both bad luck and terrifying powers, seeks to rewrite her destiny and avoid the Final War. Smith cleverly weaves a story where magic and fate intertwine, leading us deep into the deadly Neverending Forest. The ex-boyfriend drama and the enigmatic older brother make for a charming if somewhat predictable, love triangle. Overall, I’d say this book is worth a read, but don’t expect any groundbreaking revelations.

Next up, The Buried and the Bound by Rochelle Hassan whisks us to the magical town of Blackthorn, Massachusetts. Aziza El-Amin, the town’s only hedgewitch, teams up with cursed wanderer Leo Merritt to combat a dark entity threatening both their world and the fairy realm. This novel’s strength lies in its enchanting portrayal of the hidden world of fairies and its compelling cast of characters. Aziza and Leo’s dynamic is a breath of fresh air, and their alliance with a mysterious necromancer adds an intriguing layer of complexity. I highly recommend this book for those seeking a fresh take on witchcraft and curses. It’s truly a magical read.

Finally, Laura Thalassa’s Bewitched introduces us to Selene Bowers, an aspiring witch hoping to join the prestigious Henbane Coven. Her South American adventure to unlock her powers leads to an encounter with Memnon the Cursed, a tragic figure who mistakes her for his treacherous wife. Thalassa’s choice to use memory loss as a plot device is unique and well-executed, but the story occasionally slips into melodrama. Despite that, Selene’s journey from novice witch to entangled pawn in a dangerous game is captivating. Bewitched is certainly worth a read, but I advise readers to approach it with a pinch of salt—or perhaps eye of newt.

Well, there you have it… this new witchy fiction offers a delightful array of stories filled with magic, romance, and adventure. While not every book may be a literary masterpiece, each delivers a dose of enchantment that is sure to beguile fans of the genre. So, dust off your grimoires and get ready to be spellbound by these witchy new reads!