Readers take note: Posts such as the one below will be of more interest to authors. I’ve placed all the writer related posts in the “Authors” category and those for readers will be in the “Readers” category. This is still a new website so for now I’m pretty much blogging to myself.:) That will change. I am patient. If you are a reader reading this drop me a line and let me know what type of blog posts you’d like to see.

Today I posted on a few writing Facebook Groups: The Indie Writers Coop, Books Go Social and some other below (big list!). I also reevaluated my copromote campaign. I started out with a 700,000 “credit” (500,000 per month plus a 200,000 bonus for my first FB share). I had 551,000 retweets of my kindle scout tweet! On the surface this seemed awesome but according to Kindle Scout (and this is hard to believe, but I’ve checked it a couple of times) I’ve had all of FOUR visits from the Twitter link. Either there are a lot of fake/inactive followers on Twitter or its not a good platform to get clicks. Long story short, I turned off that “boost” as they are called and am sticking to Facebook. I will burn through all my credits for nothing way to fast for nothing otherwise. I’ve still got many days ahead of me!

I found a list of Facebook Groups that might be helpful. ADVICE: Don’t be like me, join these BEFORE you start your campaign. 🙂 It can take a few days to get accepted in.

Author Page Like Swapping:

Author Like 4 Like Swap
Authors need likes
Best Readers/Authors ‘Like for Like’ Group
Digital Ninja Author Like For A Like
Like 4 Like – Groups and Pages Only
Like-A-Thon for Writers, Authors, Publishers
Indie Author Tweet Exchange

Book Promotion Groups:

All types of books:

2 Friends Promote Your Books with Us (UK)
A New Place to Advertise Books for Sale
A Place to Advertise Books for Sale
Advertise Your Book Here
Alpha Male Ebook Club
All Indies, All the Time
Advertise Your Book
Advertise Your Books
All Things Books
Amazon Book and ebook Readers
Amazon Kindle Ebook Readers
An Author Promotes
An Indie Affair
Aroma Books and More
Author Exchange
Author Free & .99 Promo
Author Meeting Place
Author Pond
Author Promo and Books Sales Group
Authors and Book Lovers Discussion Group
Authors and Readers Sharing Pool
Authors and Their Editors Promo Page
Authors & Writers Publicity
Authors Critique Group
Authors Deb
Authors for Change
Author’s Forum
Authors Promoting Authors
Author/Publisher/Editor/Book Readers
Authors Unite Through Facebook and Twitter
Best Books to Read
Best New Authors
Books – According to Ditter
Book and Product Promotion
Book Boyfriend Lovers
Book Boyfriend Sexy Love
Book Chat Group
Book Club
Book Events and Promotion
Book Events and Promotion II
Book Nook Cafe
Book Pimps
Book Place
Book Promotion
Book Promotion
Book Promotion & Links
Book Promotions
Book Promotions and Specials
Book Review and Promotion
Book Sales and Giveaways
Book Viral
Bookaholics (Fantasy fiction)
Books and Friends Book Club
Books, books, books
BooksGoSocial Readers Group
Books Gone Viral
Books to Like and Share
Clean Indie Reads
Coffee & Books
Community Author Books
Creative Designers and Writers
Creative Writing
Creative Writing
Ebooks Rock
Ebook Stage
Ebooks Gone Viral
Everything Books
Euphrates Bookstore (not an actual store)
Facebook Book Club
Fiction is my Addiction
Go Indie
Great Reads
Honest Kindle Book Club
Hot off the Press
Hot Reads
I Like Ebooks
I Love my Authors Group
I Love to Publish Kindle Books
Indie Author Book Promotion Page
Indie Authors International
Indie Love Promotion
Indie Writer Book and Self Promotion
Indie Writers Support
Indies Share the World
Just Write
KDP Writers’ Club Promotion Page
Kindle Readers and Authors (open to all ereaders)
Kindle Wealth formula Author Club
Love to Read
Macia’s Readers and Author Club
Marketing for Authors
Nook / Kindle Readers
Nook and Kindle Users Who Read AA or Urban
Novelspot Readers
Online Book Publicity Group
Passion for Books
Pimp & Whore your Book…/Pimp-Whore-your-BookBloggPageGro…
Pimping Indie
Pimp Your Books
Post Book Reviews Only
Post in Peace
Priceless Promotions
Promote Your Book
Promote Your Book!
Promote Your Books!
Promote Your Books, Music, Radio Hosts, Etc
Promote your book, page, website, blog
Promote Your Dream Book Here
Promote Yourself … Writers Group
Promoting my Published Book
Pubisher’s Alliance
Pubshelf: Author Book Promotions
Ravenwoods Review Builders
Read This!
Reviewers Roundup
Self-Publishers and Publishers Advertising Club
SSLY Reading Room
Strickly Book Promotions
Support an Author
The Best Book Club
The Hungry Bookworms
The New Writers
There’s an E-book in the Room
The World of Books and Art
Titan: Author Book Promotion
UK e-readers’ Group Promotions
US and Canada Book Promotions
Writers/Authors/Poets World
Writers Amongst Us
Writers and Artists Share
Writers and Readers
Writers and Readers Unite
Writers and Authors and Readers Unite and Rejoin
Writers and Publishers on Amazon Kindle
Writers like Writers
Writer’s Kaboodle
Writer post for readers
Writers who Believe in Supporting Writers

Free & $.99 Only:

Author Free & .99 Promo
Awesome Free Kindle Books Here!
Book Junkies Freebies
Budget Books
Free Books
Free Books R Us
Free Fantasy and Scifi Ebooks
Free Kindle and Nook ebooks for readers
Free Kindle Books
Free Kindle Books
FREE Kindle Books
Free Today on Amazon
Kindle Freebies I Found Today
KPromo – Kindle Free Ebooks

Kindle Only:

Amazon Books, Likes and Rankings
Amazon Kindle Goodreads
Awesome Free Kindle Books Here!
Books I Love to Read
Free ebook – weight loss, fitness, yoga
Free Kindle Books
Free Kindle Books
FREE Kindle Books
Free Today on Amazon
Free Today on Kindle and Beyond
Kindle Author Book Promotion
Kindle Book Club
Kindle Club
Kindle Freebies I Found Today
Kindle Kids
Kindle Krazy!
Kindle Mastermind
Kindle readers and authors
Kindle Publishers
Kindle Unlimited
KPromo – Kindle Free Ebooks
PROMO! ‘excuse me sir’ Amazon Books UK
The Kindle Hub
Weight Loss, FREE weight loss books

Kids Only:
Books For Children
Children’s Books
Kindle Kids

African American (Black) Author’s only
African American Authors
Diamond Eyes Book Club
DJ Gatsby Book Club

Crime/Thriller/Mystery Only:
Crime, Thriller & Mystery Reader’s Cafe

Horror Only:
Horror Writers

Poetry Only:
Poems and Writers

Romance Only:
Fifty Shades of Sexy Book Boyfriends
Fifty Shades of Sexy Paranormal Boyfriends
Romance Authors and Bloggers
Romance & Thrillers Group
Romance Novels Rock
Romance Readers

Reviews / Review Exchange:

A Cozy Girl Reads (Mystery book reviews)
The Author’s Meeting Place
Book Review and Promotion
Book Review Depot (must review 10 prior to getting reviews)
Book Reviews
Get Amazon and Barnes and Noble Nook Reviews
Independent Authors e-books and Reviews
Julies Book Reviews
Kindle Publishers II
Kindle Review Exchange 5 Stars
Review Seekers

Groups for Authors (NO PROMOTIONS)

120 Club
Authors with a Purpose
Better Writer’s Group
Books & Writers & Readers
Books Go Social Author’s Group
BookGoodies Author Group
Children’s Book Writers
Fantasy Writers
Fiction Writers
Independent Publishing
Indie Author Group
Indie Author News, Tips and Resources
Indie Author’s Unite
Indie Author’s Writing Group
Indie Writers Unite!
KDP Writer’s Club
Rick Frishman’s Author101
Savvy Book Marketing
The Writers Connecton
World Literary Cafe
Writer’s Cafe
Writers Helping Writers
Writer’s Group
Writers Who Believe in Helping Writers
Writers World Library

Services for Authors
Beta Readers Here
Wordsmith Proofreading Services