Never trust a mermaid with a broken heart…

Seventeen-year-old Marei lives on Alabaster Island, a remote tropical isle inhabited by twenty-one families who are ancestors of the ancient, lost-continent, Lemuria.

For years, Marei dreaded The Binding. On that day, each teen must write his or her choice of life mate. But with Daniel dead long ago, Marei has no boy in mind. And so she leaves her paper blank. This sets off a chain of events that ruptures the bedrock of her life and leads her to question the only home she’s ever known.

She encounters an enigmatic stranger thought to be extinct: a mermaid. The mermaid suggests that Marei should leave the island and offers to help. When Marei falls in love with Dylan, a handsome teen from Hawaii, her secret plan to flee becomes all-consuming.

But the mermaid has a dangerous, hidden agenda. Now Marei must confront the shocking truth about Alabaster Island and herself. What she discovers upends all that she held as true and changes her destiny forever.

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