Divergent meets Top Chef.

A girl living in a world where eating is a crime falls in love with a renegade chef and discovers that life can be delicious.

Surrounded by a dead zone called The Desolation, The Hive revolves around health. Doctor Whisper’s customized nightly infusions offer Free Citizens everything they need—nutrition and protection from pathogens. Productive, healthy community members earn garland points. Points allow citizens to upgrade to better zones. Persi has contributed the fewest points to her pod and is desperate to earn more. 

But her plan falls apart when her brother, Piper, arrives with an object that threatens to destroy life as she knows it: a chocolate cupcake. Now Piper urges Persi and her sister, Morgan, to leave The Hive. After a series of misadventures, Persi discovers that an entire other community exists beyond The Desolation. She meets a handsome young chef named Noah. He introduces her to the pleasures of food, drink…and love. 

However, Persi’s sister remains back at The Hive, and she faces grave danger. Meanwhile, Persi has concealed a secret that could destroy Noah’s trust. In the end, it will come down to a single life-and death-question: will Persi learn to cook a gourmet meal in time to rescue her sister?


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