Allie loved to be near the water. Even before she learned she had mermaid genes, the ocean soothed her soul. Adria, with its miles of canals, should have been bliss. The chance to explore the city of serenading gondoliers with her boyfriend, Nate, might have been a romance vacation come true.

But Allie is desperate to find her mom who she holds responsible for the death of her twin sister, Alysa. Amid the distractions of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Allie’s friends lose focus. After a strange series of incidents, they get kicked out of their hotel and end up on the streets. Soon an ancient foe pursues Allie through the city’s winding waterways.

Justice Rain, a famous rock star and student of her mother, invites Allie and her friends to stay in his sumptuous palazzo. But the generational bond that connects Allie to her destiny remains strong. Life with one of the world’s top celebrities has complexities of its own. Justice hides a dark secret and Nate becomes eaten up by jealousy. Meanwhile, Allie develops a powerful and inexplicable fear…of water.

Trapped in a foreign city and not knowing whom to trust, everything will depend on her penetrating to the mystery that lurks in the canals beneath the city’s oldest palazzo.


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