Today I woke up to see that I do have stats! Yes! Even though I felt pretty confident that would be the case, it was still a relief to see that little blue button added to my campaign page. Just as Kindle Scout promised.:)

I found out that I’ve spent 12 hours in the ‘hot and trending’ section. I think that’s good! I’ll take that as a success with nothing else to really compare it to.:) Today my book remains in ‘Recently Added’ but I had to click to carousel to see it. I’m not sure what criteria Amazon uses to decide which page a new book is on in the ‘Recently Added carousel’. I found that ‘The Atlantis Twins’ is also in the Hot & Trending section on page 4. Great! I’d rather be up front, but I’m happy to be included in the group.:) From what I understand it actually rotates which seems fair enough.

According to my stats 55% of my page views came from outside KS and 45% came internally (the benefit of being on the Hot List and Recently Added). One surprising thing I’ve found from the stats is that it seems I didn’t get any clicks from Twitter. Copromote gave me a lot of twitter love. My guess is that my tweet went out to about 40 or 50k followers thanks to other people promoting my tweet on their feeds. Surely at least a few people would click through? I’ll investigate this further and report back. I believe I read in Lincoln Cole’s book that he didn’t have success with Twitter and this is seeming true.

Regarding Books Butterfly I’ve still never heard anything. Someone on (a huge and helpful resource – go visit if you haven’t already!) said others have also reported issues and to be wary. Kboards has a page dedicated to Kindle Scout and a few of my nominations came from there. I haven’t been on the board for long, but I’m really liking the vibe there. Historically I haven’t gotten too involved in online groups (something I’m working to change:)). But it’s fun to connect with other writers to compare notes and generally support each other in this challenging craft. Kboards has a positive vibe without the cliques and weirdness I’ve seen other places.

Today, I also did a small Facebook ‘boost’ (where you pay FB $ to get it out to a wider audience). Interesting tip: I set-up the boost then I was actually considering waiting and doing it later in the campaign, so I closed out. About an hour later they offered me a $10 coupon. So it worked out to $10 for a potential 3-5K impressions. We’ll see how that translates to nominations. Anyway – something to keep in mind if you do a boost…playing ‘hard to get’ pays off.;)