Kindle Scout Launch Day

At midnight my campaign went live! Woo hoo! Already a bit of a learning curve and some thoughts for future campaigns. First of all, don’t expect your campaign stats to update AT ALL on your first day. I thought they were frozen or there was something wrong and felt seriously bummed.

We update these stats every day with data from the beginning of the campaign up to the previous day (therefore, you won’t see stats from the first day of your campaign until Day 2).”

Phew. The last time I had this much fun I was running a Kickstarter campaign.;) I’ve been busting butt emailing all my friends, posting on FB and using (which is seeming helpful now, I’m glad I signed up). I think it’s all working. My book has the “hot” flag on it even though it’s still under new releases.

But here’s something to consider for your campaign. You are guaranteed front page placement (I think) for the first couple of days. Okay, I don’t know for certain if it’s a guarantee – but it’s pretty likely. That could change if the number of submissions increase. But let’s say for the sake of argument it happens to most books. In that case, maybe, just maybe I might have waited for a day or two before I went all out sending to friends, family, etc.?? To have the “hot” flag on my book when it’s already listed on the front page is maybe a bit of a waste? Something to consider…

By the way, a very helpful book has been Lincoln Cole’s Kindle Scout Guide. I highly recommend it to anyone who plans a campaign.

Here’s another video I’ve been tweeting: