Kindle Scout Day -1

I’m going to keep a record of my progress through Kindle Scout in-case it helps any other authors. It might help me too, if I decide to do this again sometime!:) Today I got my “Approved!” email from Kindle Scout. Here’s what it said in a nutshell:

It explained what will happen next and gave me a preview link (only visible to me). Don’t bother forwarding it to a friend, it won’t work for them. At least it didn’t for me. At this point you should check your page for “typos, formatting issues, or other critical errors” and contact Kindle Scout ASAP if you see one.

They also noted that if the book was selected for publication through Kindle Press, authors would have the chance to make manuscript changes, change the cover and other book details prior. Great!

They gave me the URL for my campaign which for now leads to a dead link at Amazon. But it’s good to have as you prep emails and other things. Just make sure it doesn’t go live before your campaign launches! I also made a Bitly shortcode link for use.

They let me know that my campaign with “launch on January 28, 2017 12:00 AM EST and end on February 27, 2017 12:00 AM EST!”

Today I drafted a form email that I’m going to send through my friends on gmail. Some of them will be group emails others will be more personal if it’s someone that I’ve spoken to about my book. I use the “canned responses” function in gmail so that I have the email handy.

I also made some promo materials. A banner for Facebook with my web address and a couple of videos I’ll post tomorrow. I figure I can put the Kindle link in the call to action in Facebook itself. It seemed too unwieldy to build it into the graphic.

The image comes from Great resource!

I’ve contacted (twice now) to ask about promotion for Kindle Scout but they haven’t responded. It’s been three days since my first outreach. Fiverr also *might* be a promising and cheap way to do outreach, but I’ve had mixed experience with them. I will keep you posted on that.