Susan Cooper is a celebrated British author, renowned for her contributions to the world of fantasy literature. As a child, I was captivated by her books, and it was her imaginative storytelling that inspired me to pursue a career as a fantasy author. Here’s a closer look at her influential works and a few reasons why you should add them to your reading list if you haven’t already:

The Dark is Rising Sequence:

  1. Over Sea, Under Stone – The first installment in the series introduces readers to the Drew siblings, who stumble upon an ancient treasure map while on holiday in Cornwall. As they uncover secrets of the past, they unwittingly step into a battle between the Light and the Dark. Over Sea, Under Stone on Goodreads
  2. The Dark Is Rising – The second book follows young Will Stanton as he discovers that he’s the last of the Old Ones, a group of warriors fighting against the forces of the Dark. This coming-of-age tale combines elements of Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology. The featured image is a picture of the vintage cover I remember clutching as I left the Winnipeg Public Library at the age of ten. It will now cost you almost 2K for this version! The Dark Is Rising on Goodreads
  3. Greenwitch – The third installment sees the Drew siblings and Will Stanton joining forces to retrieve a stolen artifact. The story delves deeper into the struggle between the Light and the Dark while exploring themes of sacrifice and redemption. Greenwitch on Goodreads
  4. The Grey King – The fourth book introduces a new protagonist, Bran, who joins Will Stanton on a quest to retrieve a magical harp that can help them defeat the Dark. The novel draws heavily from Welsh mythology and beautifully captures the mystique of the Welsh countryside. The Grey King on Goodreads
  5. Silver on the Tree – The final installment sees all the characters from the previous books unite in a climactic battle against the Dark. The conclusion is a satisfying blend of suspense, magic, and mythology that leaves a lasting impression on readers. Silver on the Tree on Goodreads

As a young reader, I was enraptured by the world Susan Cooper created in these novels. Her ability to seamlessly blend history, mythology, and magic into a compelling narrative was a revelation to me. The diverse cast of characters, the vividly detailed settings, and the thought-provoking themes were a masterclass in storytelling that left a lasting impact on my creative journey.

Cooper’s works are more than just tales of fantasy; they are a reflection of our world and its timeless struggle between good and evil. Her characters are often caught in the grey areas of life, forced to make difficult choices that shape their destinies. I deeply related to their experiences and found comfort in their resilience.

If you’re a fantasy enthusiast and haven’t had the chance to dive into Susan Cooper’s books, I highly recommend starting with The Dark is Rising Sequence. Her novels are timeless classics that continue to captivate readers of all ages. Whether you’re rediscovering her works or exploring them for the first time, they are sure to transport you to a world where magic, myth, and mystery abound. Happy reading!