A single drop of truth is far more painful than an ocean of lies…

Alysa Grey is certain her lost twin sister is alive even though Hawaii search and rescue gave up years ago. Meanwhile, her strange ability to heal from injury threatens to end what passed for normal teenage life.

When she meets Nate, a handsome surfer, he presents the opportunity to escape her woes. Alysa convinces her best friend to sneak off to Hina where Nate lives with a secretive group called the Ocean Alliance. But Nate is not who he seems and Alysa and her friend end up trapped on an aging ship bound for a mysterious island.

Far out at sea, Alysa discovers that her sister does not want to be found. Everything will depend on Alysa finding out what happened, no matter how painful. As she uncovers the shocking truth, she learns that sometimes it’s much easier to be lost than found.



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“Not many books surprise me like this one did.” ★★★★★

“The writing is beautiful and so too the story…” ★★★★★

“Plenty of twists and turns and “wait, WHAT?” moments!” ★★★★★

“No reader can come away untouched.” ★★★★★

“There were more than a few times that I gasped out loud.” -Amazon Review ★★★★★

“A fascinating take on mermaid stories. The world building in this series is quite different from any I’ve read before.” ★★★★